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  • Commentator for Fox8’s Crown Australian Celebrity Poker Challenge
  • Winner of Cleo magazine’s Bachelor of the Year 2002

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Paul Khoury

Australian TV personality and voice talent Paul Khoury was introduced to poker as a boy by his father. This grounding in the game helped Paul break into the fledgling poker TV scene. “I was one of the only media guys that really understood poker when it began appearing on our TV screens,” he says. He is currently recognized as one of Australia’s leading poker experts, regularly appearing as a TV commentator and analyst, hosting poker events and writing a column for Bluff Magazine.

Paul began his media career as a voice-over artist before moving into commercial television. In 2002, he won Cleo magazine’s Bachelor of the Year award, spring-boarding him into the limelight. From there he went on to host a number of major events, including Miss World Australia.

He naturally gravitated towards poker and quickly scored a gig as a poker news reporter, interviewing pros and reporting on international tournaments. His passion for the game and credibility as a tournament player helped him to become one of the top commentators in the international poker arena, working on shows such as “The Asia Pacific Poker Tour”, “Crown Australia Celebrity Poker Tour” and “Aussie Millions”.

Paul never intentionally set about building his bankroll, he simply put some winnings aside to cover buy-ins for future games. “My theory is: if poker can pay for more poker, that’s fine by me!” He does, however, believe that discipline is essential in poker and that beginners should be prepared for the inevitable swings of variance. “If I was to give advice to a beginner,” he says, “I’d use a quote from the movie Patch Adams. Robin Williams said, ‘Come on in but be careful... it’s a little slippery’. I think that sets the scene for life at the felt.”

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