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Team Full Tilt Poker
(n phrase) The team of world-class poker players who are part of Full Tilt Poker.

Texas hold'em
(n phrase) The "official" name of hold'em.

(n) A chat term, "thanks."

(n) 1. A poker table. 2. Any surface on which players play poker (such as a kitchen table). 3. A complete poker game, players and all. 4. Figuratively, the players in a particular game. "Half the table was in every pot." 5. The figurative representation of your participation in a game, as in a phrase like, "How many chips does he have on the table?"

table stakes
(n phrase) The requirement that players can wager only the money in front of them at the start of a hand, and can put more money on the table or buy more chips only between hands and cannot remove money or chips from the table unless leaving the game. This is the usual situation in all public cardrooms, including online cardrooms, and many private and home games. Originally called table stakes limit.

table stakes limit
(n phrase) The original term for what is now usually called table stakes.

table window
(n phrase) The window in which you play the game you have selected, that is, the table at which you are playing or that you are viewing.

third street
(n phrase) In seven-card stud, the first betting round, commencing at the point at which each player has received two hole cards and one upcard.

three of a kind
(n phrase) 1. A poker hand, three cards of the same rank, plus two other unrelated cards. Ranks above two pair and below a straight. Often called trips. 2. Specifically, just the three cards, without referring to other cards, as, for example, when you start a seven-card stud hand with three of a kind or to describe three cards of the same rank in a hold'em board.

three of a kind

(n) A chat term, "thanks."

title bar
(n phrase) the horizontal bar across the top of any application window. Usually contains the name of the window. For example, at Full Tilt Poker, the title bar of a table window contains the Full Tilt Poker logo, the name of the table, the limit for the table, the game being played at the table, how you are logged in, and the three window control buttons.


(n) Competition among players, sometimes with one buy-in, in which case it is sometimes called a freeze-out tournament, and then played down till either a preset number of players remain, at which point all win the chips they have at that time, or (more commonly, particularly online) till one is left, at which point prizes are awarded that are percentages of the total bought in (prize pool), with the most for the first-place winner, next for second, and so on, sometimes with a guaranteed amount for first place, or a guaranteed total for the entire prize pool; and sometimes with multiple buy-ins, in which case it is usually called a rebuy tournament, and often with a similar same prize structure. In such a tournament, first place might be worth 40 or 50% of the prize pool (depending on number of participants), second place 20 or 25%, third 15%, and so on, down to the last qualifying place, which might pay just the cost of the buy-in. The larger the tournament, the more places paid, from as few as one place in a one-table satellite (or online sit-and-go), to three in a small tournament, eight in a medium-sized tournament, or many more for very large tournaments. Some large online tournaments have paid 100 places and more. The final event of the 2003 World Series of Poker, with a record 839 entrants, paid 63 places.

tournament tickets

(n) Tickets awarded in specified Sit & Gos and Multi-Table Tournaments that are used to buy in to Sit & Gos, MTTs and Steps Tournaments.

(n) Three of a kind.

(n) A chat term, "thank you."

1. (n) Turn card. "I spiked an ace on the turn." 2. (v) To have that card affect a particular player. For example, if you start with two hearts in the hole, the flop includes two hearts (and one non-heart), and the turn is a heart, you are said to have turned a flush. 3. With respect to a particular player, the point at which the action is on him, that is, the time when he is faced with the choice of folding, calling, or raising. "Whose turn is it?"


turn card
(n phrase) In hold'em-type games, the second of the community cards (that is, the fourth card dealt to the center). Following this card is the third round of betting. This card is sometimes (rarely) called fourth street.

two pair
(n phrase) Two cards of one rank, plus two of another rank, plus an unrelated card; in high poker this hand beats one pair and loses to three of a kind. For example, A-A-K-K-Q is two pair, known variously as two pair, aces and kings; aces up; aces over; aces over kings; aces and kings; aces and.

two pair

(n) A chat term, "thanks."

(n) A chat term, "thank you."

(n) A chat term, "thank you very much."