Rush Poker Badge

Exclusive to Full Tilt Poker, Rush Poker* is the world’s fastest online poker experience. Whether you’re a tournament or ring-game player, Rush Poker* minimizes your wait between hands and keeps you in the action at all times. Earn 50 Full Tilt Points in a single month playing Rush Poker* and you’ll be awarded the Rush Poker* Badge.

Earn Your Rush Poker* Badge

When you join a Rush Poker* game, you’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand you play. When you fold your hand, you’ll be rushed to a new table for the next hand immediately.

To find the Rush Poker* experience that you’re looking for, log in to Full Tilt Poker, open the Lobby menu at the top of the game lobby and select Choose Lobby View > Standard View.

For Rush Poker* ring games, click on Rush Poker* in the Browse area at the top of the lobby and select the game you wish to play.

For Rush Poker* Tournaments, click on Tournament in the Browse area at the top of the lobby. A list of upcoming tournaments will appear in the game list below the Browse area. Rush Poker* Tournaments are denoted with the black R symbol. To learn more, please go to the Rush Poker* page.

Once you’ve found the Rush Poker* action that you’re looking for, earn 50 Full Tilt Points in a month and you’ll earn your Rush Poker* Badge.

Display Your Badges

Once you’ve earned your badges, you’ve got the option of displaying them on your avatar. To select how you’d like to display your badges, log in to your Full Tilt Poker account, click on Options in the top navigation bar and select Badge Display Options. You can then set your preferences by checking the boxes and selecting OK. To change your badge display while seated at the table, click the Options button and select the Badges tab.

* Patent Pending