Rush Poker* Tournaments

Experience the world’s fastest poker tournament with Rush Poker * Tournaments – available exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.

As with Rush Poker ring games, when you play a Rush Poker* Tournament you’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand you play. When the final table of the tournament is reached, the tournament will switch to the “standard” tournament mode and hands will be played one at a time until the tournament is complete.

Rush Poker* Tournaments

Learn more about Rush Poker* Tournaments.

Tournament Tickets

Full Tilt Poker’s Tournament Tickets give players an extra option for buying in to their favorite Multi-Table Tournaments and Sit & Gos. Each Tournament Ticket is worth a specific buy-in amount and can be used to buy in to your chosen tournament for the face value of that ticket.

You can win Tournament Tickets through a variety of Satellites, tournaments and promotions or buy them directly in the Full Tilt Poker Store, Iron Man Challenge Store or Full Tilt Poker Academy Store.

Learn more about Tournament Tickets.

Steps Tournaments

Enter a Steps Tournament to climb through the levels and win a huge payday. The tiered structure of Steps Tournaments allows you to work your way up, step by step, to win a variety of prize packages.

Even if you don’t advance to the next level, you can win a chance to stay in the game and play again at the same level or a lower tier. Crack the highest level and you can turn your buy-in into a $12K WSOP** Main Event prize package.

Win your payday – one step at a time. Learn about Steps Tournaments.

2nd February 2010

Folded Card Images

Now you can see a graphic image of the cards you’ve folded by moving the cursor over your avatar.

Stack Tables

Players sitting at more than one table at a time now have another option in addition to tiling or cascading tables. Stack Tables allows you to stack one on top of the other, automatically bringing each table to the front when it’s your turn to act.

Automatic Tournament Deals Update

Instead of the chip leader automatically taking control of making deals, the Automatic Tournament Deal feature has been changed to put the player who would receive the button in the next hand in control of the deal. For more information, please see the Automatic Tournament Deals page.

New Auto Post Options

Customize your settings to allow you to automatically wait for the big blind and post the blinds once you begin to play at your favorite ring-game tables. Players can set these options by clicking on Options at the game table and then selecting Misc. In addition, all game tables that feature antes and blinds will now auto-post both, and provide you with a Sit Out Next BB checkbox.

Restore Disabled Game Popup Dialogs

You can now restore in-game messaging that was previously disabled by clicking on Options in the top navigation bar and selecting Restore Disabled Game Popup Dialogs.

19th January 2010

Rush Poker*

Rush Poker* is the world’s fastest poker game - and it’s only available at Full Tilt Poker.

Unlike a standard ring game, when you play Rush Poker* you’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand. When you fold, you’ll immediately be moved to a new table for your next hand. To play even faster, use the Quick Fold button to fold your hand right away – even if it’s not your turn to act.

Rush Poker* games can be found in both Basic View and Standard View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby:

Rush Poker*

Join a Rush Poker* game today for the ultimate high-speed poker experience. Learn more about Rush Poker*.

Shallow Tables

We’ve updated the buy-in range for our ring game tables and added new Shallow Tables, which allow you to join the action for as little as 20 big blinds:

  • Shallow Tables: minimum buy-in 20 big blinds, maximum buy-in 40 big blinds
  • Standard Tables: minimum buy-in 35 big blinds, maximum buy-in 100 big blinds
  • Deep Stack Tables: minimum buy-in 75 big blinds, maximum buy-in 200 big blinds

Shallow Tables can be found in any ring game lobby. Use the ring game legend to identify the table you’re looking for:

Shallow Tables

Additional Bet Slider Options

You now have even more control over the Full Tilt Poker bet slider with our additional bet slider options. You can choose to increase or decrease your bet size by the amount of the small blind using either the mouse click action or the mouse wheel action. Plus, you can choose to invert your mouse wheel to decrease the bet amount when you rotate the wheel forward and increase the bet amount when you rotate the wheel backwards.

To change your bet slider options, click the Options button at the top right corner of any Full Tilt Poker table, then select the Slider tab:

Additional Bet Slider Options

15th October 2009

Cashout Poker Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker’s new Cashout Poker Tournaments give players the option of “cashing out” some or all of their chips whenever they choose during the tournament.

Cashout Poker Tournaments

Cashout Poker Tournaments play like standard tournaments, except that each buy-in is split between a regular tournament prize pool and a Cashout pool, giving players the chance to cash out some or all of their chips during tournament play – click here to learn more about Cashout Poker Tournaments.

Run it Twice

Now you can Run it Twice at Full Tilt Poker.

Run it Twice is an option that provides two outcomes for one hand by dealing community cards twice. By selecting Run it Twice, once two players are all-in heads-up, the remaining community cards are dealt a second time. The winner of each outcome wins half of the pot.

Run it Twice

Click here to find out more about Run it Twice

30th July 2009

New Full Tilt Poker Game Lobby Views

The NEW Full Tilt Poker provides three unique views of the game lobby that make it fast and easy to find the games you want to play.

Choose from Basic View, Standard View or Classic View:

Basic View

Basic View provides an interactive guide that takes you step by step through the process of selecting the game you want to play. Make a selection in each step, with details on every choice provided in the More Info box at the bottom of the game lobby to help you along the way.

Basic View

Basic View is recommended for newer players, as it’s the easiest way to find the game you want to play at the stakes you’re looking for.

Learn about Basic View

Standard View

Standard View provides the full-feature view of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby. Use Advanced Filters, Favorites and Widgets to customize your online poker experience to your exact needs.

Standard View

Offering unparalleled control over game selection and management, Standard View is recommended for experienced and computer savvy players.

Learn about Standard View

Classic View

Classic View is the original Full Tilt Poker game lobby.

Classic View

Classic View will be available for a limited time – players who prefer this view are encouraged to try out Standard View, which offers even more features to enhance your online poker experience.

Learn about Classic View

Automatic Tournament Deals

Take control of the final table.

Full Tilt Poker’s Automatic Tournament Deals give tournament players a new set of options once they’ve made the final table: they can select from one of three methods to make a deal for all or part of the remaining prize pool.

Automatic Tournament Deals

Now players can discuss the terms of their deal and decide the tournament payout structure.

Go to Automatic Tournament Deals to learn more.

Login with PIN

Add an extra layer of security to your account with Full Tilt Poker’s Login with PIN feature. This new feature gives players the option of adding an additional method of verifying their identity every time they log in.

Login with PIN

Full Tilt Poker issues players using Login with PIN a “Three-Card” PIN to use with their password to log in to their account. To make this PIN easier to remember, players are issued a playing card to represent each number of their PIN.

Login with PIN

Learn more about Login with PIN

8th July 2009

FTP Hand Replayer

Replay and review each hand you’ve played at every table during your current session with Full Tilt Poker’s new FTP Hand Replayer.

This unique addition to the Full Tilt Poker game software allows you to play back any hand during a session exactly as it happened. Review your actions and those of your opponents without any pressure to make the right decisions on the spot. Improve your poker game by analyzing each play and evaluating your strategy at your own pace.

When you press the Last Hand button at the top left hand corner of any Full Tilt Poker table, the FTP Hand Replayer will open and display the most recently completed hand at your current table.

FTP Hand Replayer

Use the control panel at the bottom right hand corner of the window to replay the hand from start to finish.

Click the Console button to expand the FTP Hand Replayer and change the ring game or tournament table you’re reviewing.

FTP Hand Replayer

Use the FTP Hand Replayer to help take your game to the next level. Learn more about the FTP Hand Replayer.

New Full Tilt Poker Game Software

We’ve re-engineered our game software to improve your online poker playing experience. Featuring crisper graphics, the new software requires less CPU usage so the game will run faster and more efficiently on your computer. Combined with our continued network communication improvements, which ensure that the game and your computer communicate more efficiently, the Full Tilt Poker game software is now sharper and faster than ever before.

Mixed Limit Games

Full Tilt Poker now offers Mixed Limit ring games, including the new 7-Game Mix. Sit down at a 7-Game Mix table and put your all-around poker skills to the test by playing a round each of Fixed Limit Hold ‘em, Fixed Limit Stud H/L, Fixed Limit Razz, Fixed Limit Omaha H/L, Fixed Limit Stud Hi, No Limit Hold ‘em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi. 7-Game Mix can be found in the Mixed Games lobby at Full Tilt Poker.

Other Mixed Limit games include Mixed Hold ‘em, a combination of Fixed Limit Hold ‘em and No Limit Hold ‘em, and Mixed Omaha H/L, a combination of Fixed Limit Omaha H/L and Pot Limit Omaha H/L. Look for Mixed Hold ‘em in the Hold ‘em Lobby and Mixed Omaha H/L in the Omaha H/L lobby at Full Tilt Poker.

Mixed Limit Games

28th April 2009

Ante Games

Increase your action and play for bigger pots in Full Tilt Poker’s new No-Limit and Pot-Limit ante ring games. Ante games differ from regular ring games as each player must ante a certain amount before the hole cards are dealt. For instance, a $25/$50 No-Limit Hold ‘em ante game will have an ante of $10.

To find an ante game, look for the ante icon in Full Tilt Poker ring-game lobbies:

Ante Games

This is the same game type that the pros play at the Big Game in Las Vegas, or on television shows such as Poker After Dark. Play the game the way the pros like it and sit down at an ante game today. Learn more about ante games.

Ring-Game Icons

Find your favorite ring games with ease by using the new ring-game icons in any Full Tilt Poker ring-game lobby. There are icons for Cap, Deep Stack, 6 max, Heads-Up, Ante, Speed and Educational games:

Ring-Game Icons

Synchronized Breaks

Full Tilt Poker’s new Synchronized Breaks give you the chance to “take 5” out of every hour of tournament play.

Synchronized Breaks will take place at 55 minutes past every hour. For example, if a Tournament starts at 10:15 ET, the tournament clock will stop at 10:55 ET and all hands currently being played will be completed before the break starts. This will ensure that players aren’t put at a disadvantage because one table takes longer to finish a hand than the others. The tournament will then resume five minutes after that last hand finished and the next Synchronized Break will take place at 11:55 ET.

So now when you’re playing in more than one Multi-Table Tournament, Synchronized Breaks let you take time out without missing any of the action. Learn more about Synchronized Breaks.

Network Communication Improvements

We’ve improved the way the game talks to your computer. If you’ve ever had “lag” problems in the game or have a slower internet connection, your playing experience should be improved. Whether you’re opening a huge tournament like the $200K Double Deuce or switching between the Hold ‘em Lobby and the Omaha Hi Lobby, now it’s much faster.

16th February 2009

Micro-Stakes Ring Games

Full Tilt Poker’s new micro-stakes ring-game tables allow you to play for real money without having to make a large investment. Now you can sit down at any of our No-Limit or Pot-Limit ring-game tables and play for stakes as little as $.01/$.02 or $.02/$.05, or at our Limit tables for stakes of $.05/$.10 or $.10/$.20. Click here to read more about micro-stakes games at Full Tilt Poker.

Micro-Stakes Ring Games

Single Click Deposit

Single Click Deposit is a fast and convenient service that allows you to fund your Full Tilt Poker account almost instantly. By setting up the Single Click Deposit feature, you’ll be able to make a deposit within seconds without leaving the table. Learn how to set up Single Click Deposit and get started now – funding your Full Tilt Poker account has never been easier.

Single Click Deposit

14th October 2008

Matrix Tournaments

Prepare yourself for a tournament like you’ve never experienced. When you enter Full Tilt Poker’s new Matrix Tournaments, you’ll play four tournament tables against the same opponents simultaneously in the ultimate test of poker skill.

In our Matrix Tournaments, you’ll play down to the last man at each of four individual tables, just like a Sit & Go. But unlike a Sit & Go, your chance to make a score doesn’t end there − you’ll also earn Matrix points for each player that you knockout and for every player that you outlast on each table. Once the last table finishes, the players who’ve earned the highest Matrix scores will be paid out for their overall performance, in addition to their payout for their finish in each tournament.

Matrix Tournaments

When you’re ready to check out our new Matrix Tournaments, just look for the "M" symbol next to select tournaments in the tournament lobby. No other poker site offers this new and unique tournament format − go to the Sit & Go lobby to enter the Matrix today.

New Account Security: Login with your email address

You can now add an extra layer of security to your Full Tilt Poker account by using your email address to login to the game. To change your login method, open the “Security” drop-down menu in the game lobby and select "Login Preferences…"

Matrix Tournaments

A pop-up window will open and you’ll be able to choose your login preference.

Matrix Tournaments

Please note that in order to login with your email address you must use the same email address that is registered with your Full Tilt Poker account.

5th August 2008

Tournament Late Registration

Ever lost track of time? Our new Late Registration feature will make sure you don’t blink and miss your chance to register for a tournament ever again.

Now, even if you fail to join one of our popular multi-table tournaments before the cards fly, you’ll still be able to grab some chips and a chair after the first hand has been dealt. So if you’ve just missed the start of your favourite tournament, make sure to check if late registration is available by viewing the tournament lobby.

Late Reg

At the beginning of the tournament, a number of seats will be reserved for late entrants. Each late-comer will receive a full chip stack and will be dealt in on their big blind.

Late Reg

For most tournaments, late registration will be open until there are no more reserved seats available or the end of the first blind level.


Your favorite menu actions are now at your fingertips with the addition of new Hotkeys.

We now have Hotkeys for the following:

  • Find Tournament by ID – Ctrl+T (Command+T on Mac)
  • Registered in Tournaments – Ctrl+R (Command+R on Mac)
  • Check My Disconnect Time balance – Ctrl+D (Command+D on Mac)
  • Auto Muck On/Off – Ctrl+M (Command+K on Mac)
  • Display Bet Amounts – Ctrl+B (Command+B on Mac)
  • Display Pot Totals – Ctrl+P (Command+P on Mac)
  • Open Up Cashier – Ctrl+S (Command+S on Mac)

You can view these shortcuts under "Options" in the lobby:


And also under "Requests":


These Hotkeys will work while browsing in the lobby and also while you’re seated at a table, giving you easy access to some of our most popular options.

Bet Slider Options

When you’re playing Pot-Limit and No-Limit games, you’ll now be able to choose how your bet slider works.

Select Options from either the Main Lobby or your open table and go to Bet Slider Options to change how your bet slider works. You can test your settings to find out which works best for you.

Bet Slider

You can choose from three modes: Classic, Linear and Exponential. Classic is the existing mode where the pot size is the mid-way point of the slider. In Linear mode, the mid-way point of the slider is the same as half your chip stack and in Exponential mode, the slider will start out slowly at the beginning, but increase rapidly toward the end.

You can also assign what happens when you mouse click on the slider. Jump to Click Point (Classic) means the slider will go straight to where your mouse cursor is when you click. Increase/Decrease bet amount by big blind means that for each time you click on the bet slider, the bet amount will increase/decrease by the amount of the big blind, depending on which side of the slider pointer you click on.

Additionally, you can assign an action to your mouse wheel if you wish. You can choose to have the bet amount increase/decrease by big blind when you scroll up/down, or for the bet amount to increase/decrease even more gradually by choosing the ‘Smooth’ option.

Display Table on Action

If you like to have other applications open while you play at Full Tilt Poker, our new Display Table on Action option will help you to organize your open windows the way you want them.

The Display Table on Action option lets you choose what happens when it’s your turn to act. If you turn this option on, your active table(s) will automatically pop-up in front of any open applications. If you turn this option off, your active table(s) will flash in the taskbar and you will have to manually click on each table to open it and play your hand.

1st May 2008

Shootout Tournaments

Do you have what it takes to be the last man standing? Find out by playing in our Shootout Tournaments.

Unlike standard Multi-Table Tournaments, where players are moved to keep the tables balanced as others are knocked out, each table in a Shootout Tournament plays down to a single winner − just like a Sit & Go. Win your table and you’ll move on to face the winners of the other tables in the tournament.

In a Double Shootout, players have to win their starting table before advancing to the final table. For example, a standard Double Shootout will have a field of 81 players, with the nine table winners moving on to the final table. In a Triple Shootout, players have to win two tables before advancing to the final table.


Get in on the action and play in a Shootout Tournament today. Just look for the Shootout symbol in the tournament lobby and take aim at the competition.

Happy Hour

It’s time to get happy at Full Tilt Poker. Look for the smiley faces in the game and tournament lobbies to find our new Happy Hour tables where you can earn double or triple your Full Tilt Points just by playing in your favorite ring games and tournaments.

happy hour

Your bonus points will automatically appear in your account so all you have to worry about is how to spend them.

Tournament Waiting List

Now you don’t have to worry about getting shut out of your favorite tournaments thanks to our Tournament Waiting Lists.

If the event you want to play fills up before you register, you can still reserve a seat at the table by joining the waiting list. Just click the “Register for Waiting List” button and buy into the tournament as normal. If any player unregisters and you’re first on the list, you’ll automatically get a seat. If there are no seats available, your buy-in will be refunded to your account.

waiting lists

28th February 2008

Tournament Dollars

Spend your tournament winnings the way you want to with the introduction of Tournament Dollars (T$).

When you win a tournament entry though a satellite, you now have the option to un-register and receive your tournament buy-in back in T$. You can then use your T$s to enter any real money tournament or Sit & Go of your choice.

Tournament Dollars

You can keep track of your T$ balance at any time by clicking on the Cashier.

Tournament Dollars

If you don't have enough T$s in your account to enter your chosen tournament, you can combine your T$s with real money to cover your buy-in. If you need cold hard cash, you can even convert your T$s to real money.

Tournament Dollars

Now you never have to worry about winning a satellite into a tournament that you're not available to play in. Take advantage of T$s and add some flexibility to your tournament schedule.

Sit Out Next BB

If you're playing at our speed tables and want to leave just before your next big blind we've made things easier for you. We've added the Sit Out Next BB box to let you select this popular option from any position at the table.

Just check the box and you'll be dealt in every hand until your big blind comes around, at which time you'll automatically sit out.

Sit Out Next BB

Notes in Main Lobby

Finding your buddies and avoiding tough opponents is easier than ever now that you can view Player Notes in both the Main and Tournament lobbies. For ring games, simply click the table of your choice to view the lobby and see which players you've marked along with the corresponding color code of the note you assigned.

Ring Game Lobby

If you're a tournament player, each individual tournament lobby now has extra information for you. In the chip count list, you'll now see color-coded icons next to the players you have notes on. This information is also available when you click on a table in the tournament lobby to display the players seated at that table.

Tournament Lobby

Auto Top-Up

Keep your stack looking healthy all the time with our new Auto Top-Up feature for ring games. Choose your desired amount and anytime your table balance falls below your designated level, we'll automatically top it up for you. It's perfect regardless of whether you like staying at the table maximum, minimum or somewhere in between.

To activate the Auto Top-Up feature, click on the Options menu in the game lobby and select Set Buy-In Preferences. Underneath Ring Game Auto-Rebuy, you'll be able to select and change your preferences for your Auto Top-Up.


Ending Tournaments When Top Prize is Reached

We know time is money, so now our multi-table tournament and Sit & Go satellites will stop when the top prize is reached. If there are seven seats up for grabs in a satellite and there are seven players remaining - you've already done the hard work to win, so why do anymore?

Once all of the remaining players are guaranteed the top prize, the tournament will stop, and you and your fellow winners will all be displayed as first place finishers in the tournament lobby.

7th December 2007

Buy-In Preferences

Buying and rebuying into your favorite ring games just got a whole lot easier.

First, set your Default Buy-In to choose your buy-in preference for any ring game you enter. You may set your preferred buy-in between 20 and 255 Big Blinds for No-Limit and Pot-Limit games and 5 and 255 Big Bets for Limit games. Your Default Buy-In will then appear in the “Other amount” section of the “Get Chips” window. If you prefer to buy-in for an amount other than your default buy-in, you may enter a new buy-in amount in the window and click OK.

Then, never miss a hand again by activating the Ring Game Auto-Rebuy feature. Choose between rebuying for the minimum allowed at the table, or a custom setting where you decide how much to rebuy for each time – between 20 and 255 Big Blinds for No-Limit and Pot-Limit games and 5 and 255 Big Bets for Limit games.

Open the “Options” menu in the game lobby and select “Set Buy-In Preferences” to set your Default Buy-In Preference and your Auto-Rebuy Preference.

You never know when a hand is going to be a big winner. So make sure you don’t miss a second of the action by taking advantage of this great new feature and setting your Buy-In Preferences.

Heads-Up Sit & Go Rematches

Sometimes you finish Heads-Up Sit & Go and want an immediate rematch. Now you can have it thanks to our new Heads-Up Sit & Go Rematch feature. Once your Sit & Go has finished, a message will appear asking if you’d like to play again.

Just click the Accept button and do battle all over again.

1st November 2007

Knockout Bounty Tournaments

It's time to deliver a knockout blow.

We're proud to introduce Knockout Bounty Tournaments. Everyone loves to knock another player out of a tournament. Now you can get paid for it.

Here's how it works - Knockout Bounty tournaments will follow the same rules as standard tournaments, except that the buy-in will be split between contributing to the prize pool and creating a bounty on each player. For example, a Knockout Bounty tournament with a buy-in of $10+$1 will have $8 going to the prize pool and $2 as a bounty on each player. When you knock a player out of a tournament, the bounty money will be immediately credited to your account and the following message will appear:

Knockout Bounty

All you have to do is look out for tournaments with the K symbol next to them in the Tournament Lobby:

Knockout Bounty

Take extra pleasure in knocking out your opponents. Play in a Knockout Bounty tournament and get paid for more than just finishing in the money. Go for a knockout blow today!


Animation Options

Now you can choose between three settings, based on your computer’s performance, to maximize your experience at Full Tilt Poker. Just click on Options at the top of the lobby and select the setting that is best for you.

Animation Options

Show Full Tables

Whether or not you want to see full tables is up to you - just check or uncheck Show Full Tables at the bottom right of the lobby.

Show Full Tables

Bring Lobby to Front

You have the choice whether or not to have the main lobby pop up when you close a table, a tournament lobby, or decline a waiting list. All you have to do is click on Options and check or uncheck Bring Lobby to Front.

Bring Lobby to Fronty

** World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Harrah's License Company, LLC ("Harrahs"). Harrah's does not sponsor or endorse, and is not associated or affiliated with Full Tilt Poker or its products, services, promotions or tournaments.

* Patent Pending