Friday Night Fights

Play in Knockout and Sweat Tournaments while you rail the Friday Night Fights Main Event

  • Play $75,000 Knockout Bounty Tournament every Friday
  • Watch the pros playing heads-up in the Main Event
  • Play in a $5K Sweat Tournament while railing the Main Event
Friday Night Fight $500 Knockout
The biggest guaranteed tournament you can play on Fridays.
Friday Night Fight has a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000. MTT Leaderboard Standings
May 14 2010 21:00 ET
Guaranteed Prize Pool:
Entry Fee:

Play in $500 Knockout Bounty Tournament every Friday

The Friday Night Fights $500 Knockout Tournament is a No-Limit Hold ’em Knockout Bounty tournament every Friday night at 21:00 ET. Buy in directly for $500 + $35 or satellite your way in for as little as $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points. From each buy-in, $400 will go to the prize pool and $100 will go towards the player’s Knockout Bounty. Each time you knock out another player, $100 will be credited instantly to your account.

Watch pros play heads-up in Main Event

On Main Event nights, our Friday Night Fights tournaments come alive with heads-up matches between Full Tilt Poker pros. Each pro starts with $10K in chips in a “winner take all” session.

Click here to check out the results of previous heads-up matches at Friday Night Fights and come back to this page regularly for details of where and when you can rail the next Main Event.

Support your favorite pro in $5k Sweat Tournament

Why just watch heads-up matches, when you can win entry into the next $500 + $35 Knockout Tournament by playing along?

Support your favorite pro by playing in one of our special $5K Sweat Tournaments at 20:05 ET on Friday nights when a Main Event is running. Each Sweat Tournament is a Knockout tournament; from the $10 + $1 buy-in, $8 will go into the prize pool and $2 will act as a Knockout Bounty for each player.

Choose to play in either of the pro's Sweat Tournaments. If you win AND if your pro wins their heads-up match, you’ll receive a free buy-in to the next $500 + $35 Knockout Bounty Tournament in addition to your prize money. Select your tournament carefully, as you’ll be ineligible to win the additional $500 + $35 buy-in prize if you enter both Sweat Tournaments.