Full Tilt Points are our way of giving back to any player who participates in a real-money game on Full Tilt Poker - the more you play, the more points you earn. Use your points to get gear from the Full Tilt Poker Store or enter exclusive Full Tilt Points tournaments.

Earning Points

Start earning Full Tilt Points by playing in any qualifying raked real-money hand in a ring game or a real-money Multi-Table Tournament or Sit & Go with a tournament fee:

  • Ring Games: For each dollar raked from a pot, every player who was dealt cards for that hand will receive 1 Full Tilt Point. For example, if $2.00 in rake is taken from a pot, each player who was dealt cards will receive 2 points. Fractional points are also awarded; if $2.25 in rake is taken, players will receive 2.25 points. A maximum of 3 points can be earned per hand.
  • Tournaments: For every dollar paid in Multi-Table Tournament or Sit & Go fees, you'll receive 7 Full Tilt Points. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn per tournament. For example, if you play in a tournament with a $10 buy-in and a $1 tournament fee, you'll receive 7 points; if you play in a tournament with a $200 buy-in and a $16 tournament fee, you'll receive 112 points.

Please note: Points are credited at the end of a hand or when the tournament finishes.

Spending Points

Once you've earned enough Full Tilt Points, you can use them to:

  • Get clothes, electronics, books, DVDs and more from the Full Tilt Poker Store; earning points is the only way to get the items available in the store
  • Enter exclusive Full Tilt Points tournaments, where you can win entries to satellite tournaments and other great prizes

Keep track of your points balance by clicking the red Cashier button in the game lobby. 

Double and Triple Points

Earn double or even triple Full Tilt Points just by playing in your favorite ring games and tournaments during our daily Happy Hour periods. Look for specially designated tables with the "smiley face" next to them in the game lobby to start earning points faster. Your bonus points will automatically appear in your account, so all you have to worry about is how to spend them.

If you haven't already, download Full Tilt Poker and start earning Full Tilt Points today.