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In order to maintain the highest standard of integrity in game play, all actions taken in Full Tilt Poker’s games must be executed personally by the individual player at all times, without advice or support from external software programs or algorithms. Further, the use of external player assistance programs designed to provide users with an unfair advantage is prohibited.

The following guidelines are provided as examples to assist players in determining what is or is not acceptable use of software while playing at Full Tilt Poker. It is the sole responsibility of the individual player to adhere to Full Tilt Poker’s rules and standards for acceptable conduct at all times. For additional details, please see our Site Terms.

Not Permitted Under Any Circumstances

The following classes of programs are unconditionally prohibited:

1. Automated poker-playing programs capable of participating in online poker games:

The use of poker-playing programs ("bots") is strictly prohibited. Having such a program on your computer system, whether it is being used or not, is grounds for immediate closure of your Full Tilt Poker account, and possible forfeiture of account funds. Some examples of programs in this category include:

  • WinHoldem
  • OpenHoldem
  • ICM-Bot
  • Frogbot
  • Poker Android
  • any custom-built program of this type

Note: an "auto-folder" – a script that automatically folds weak hands – is included in this category, as it makes decisions and takes actions on the player's behalf.

2. Shared hand history databases and "data mining" software, including subscription services and the exchange of personal databases:

The use of shared hand histories provides detailed information on opponents a player has little or no personal experience playing against, and is deemed to be an unfair advantage. Violating this policy is subject to the maximum penalties for prohibited software use.

Players are not permitted to use the hand histories for hands that they have not personally participated in. Software designed to collect hand history information from games that the player did not participate in is prohibited. Some specific examples include:

  • Poker Edge
  • Poker Crusher
  • SpadeEye
  • IdleMiner
  • HandHQ
  • community shared hand histories
  • exchanging hand histories with a friend

3. Automatic table selection or seating programs that use shared Information:

Programs that use external sources of information, such as shared databases of tournament results, to rate available tables or identify weak opponents are not permitted. Specific examples include:

  • Lobby Edge
  • Poker Usher
  • Sixth Sense
  • Poker Sherlock
  • Poker Table Finder

Not Permitted During Play

The following classes of programs are not permitted while playing on Full Tilt Poker:

1. Programs that provide specific recommendations or assistance for betting decisions during live play:

Programs that suggest betting actions (i.e. fold, call or raise) in current situations and software that provides assistance in making this type of decision cannot be used during play. For example, poker calculators that automatically extract the current situation from a live game and compute hand probabilities and odds are not permitted.

Players must make all betting decisions on their own and without assistance of any type.

Specific examples include:

  • Online Holdem Inspector
  • Poker Calculator Pro
  • SNG Endgame Tools (SNGEGT)
  • Short Stacking Strategy (SSS) Calculator
  • SAGE Calculator
  • Poker Hound
  • any custom-built program in this category

2. Programs or services that provide additional information on opponents that a player would not normally be privy to:

Certain programs, websites, and subscription services provide extra information on opponents which may not be used during play. For example, the use of shared databases of tournament histories, results, and statistics are not permitted. Specific examples include:

  • SharkScope
  • Top Shark
  • Smart Buddy
  • Poker Table Ratings

3. Any other type of program/software that confers an unfair advantage for the user:

If, in the judgment of Full Tilt Poker, a program provides a significant advantage for the user that could not be attained through fair play, then that program is not permitted.

Currently Allowed for Normal Use

The following programs are currently allowed for their normal use and function so long as they do not fall into any prohibited usage previously listed.

1. Programs for offline learning of Texas Hold ‘em and other poker variants:

Some programs provide an excellent environment for learning the rules and strategies of various forms of poker, before the player ever plays in an online game.

Examples of programs that are allowed for offline use include:

  • Poker Academy Pro
  • Turbo Texas Holdem
  • SitNGo Wizard training quizzes and post-game analysis

2. Programs for managing and analyzing personal hand history databases:

Programs used to manage and analyze hand history information from games a player has personally participated in are permitted, provided that they do not access shared hand histories. Specific examples include:

  • Poker Tracker
  • Poker Academy Prospector
  • Holdem Manager
  • Poker Office

3. Programs for presenting data from an individual’s personal hand history database:

Applications have been developed to more easily access the information contained in a player's personal hand history database. One example is a "heads-up display" (HUD) that overlays player statistics onto the poker table. Specific examples include:

  • Gametime+
  • PokerAce HUD

4. Programs that enhance the online poker experience without adding new functionality:

A number of programs have been created to make it easier to use the Full Tilt Poker game software. Examples include scripts that filter and sort games in the lobby, improve table layout and assist with seating. These are generally permitted, provided they do not access prohibited sources of information such as shared databases of hand histories or tournament results. Specific examples include:

  • Full Tilt Poker Shortcuts
  • Full Tilt Poker Custom Lobby
  • Full Tilt Poker Table Opener
  • Full Tilt Poker Planner
  • Full Tilt Poker Buddies

5. Basic poker calculators that show odds and probabilities for situations that are manually entered by the user:

A large variety of poker calculators are available for computing probabilities specified by the user. These programs are generally allowed, provided that they are not being used in a way that is in conflict with the previously mentioned restrictions. Examples include:

  • Poker Stove
  • Cardplayer Poker Odds Calculator
  • Poker Academy Poker Odds Calculator and Hand Evaluator

Prohibited Usage of Software

Certain programs that are allowed for normal use can also be used in a manner that would constitute prohibited software use.

Example: Some programs that manage a player's personal hand history database also contain features for data mining. The player is not permitted to use those features; doing so can result in the permanent loss of playing privileges. Similarly, using the program to import hand histories that have been purchased or acquired from a third party constitutes prohibited software use.

Example: A program that extracts information from the current game and automatically enters it into a poker calculator that would normally require manually entered data would constitute prohibited software use.

Example: Instant Messaging (IM) is permitted during play, provided that no private information about the game is being communicated. However, if two players in the same game use IM to share hole card information (i.e. to collude), then that would constitute prohibited software use, and is subject to the full penalties and provisions of the prohibited programs policy.

Full Tilt Poker reserves the right to change these policies at any time and without prior notice. The final interpretation of these rules and judgment in specific cases is solely at the discretion of Full Tilt Poker. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].