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Zero Tolerance Policy for Fraud and Collusion

Full Tilt Poker is designed for gaming enthusiasts whose ultimate goal is success at the poker table through the continued improvement of their play. We recognize and encourage this competitive spirit within our players, and we are committed to maintaining a level playing field in order to create the best possible online poker experience.

We take cheating very seriously and will suspend the accounts of any player who is found to be sharing hole card information during a hand, “chip dumping” during ring games or tournaments, or engaging in any other form of cheating.

Additionally, with the recent explosion of online poker sites, players have developed computer programs designed to give them a distinct competitive edge at the table. While some of these programs are within the realm of “fair play,” we have determined that many cross the line into cheating. With all of this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of acceptable and unacceptable programs that you may run while playing on our site.

Acceptable programs generally serve to help you calculate odds or to track the behavior of players that you’ve sat with at a table. As a rule of thumb, prohibited programs include those which share hole card information, compile information on players that you have not yet played with, or any “bots” or programs that play without human intervention.

If you are curious about a particular program and do not see it on our list, please contact us at [email protected]. For our current list of banned programs, please review our prohibited programs page.

If you suspect any player of violating our policy, colluding with other players, or running any of the prohibited programs on our list, please contact us at [email protected].